Video essay: This Cold Night – Cold Synth

Reel Talk are proud to present an experimental video essay made by Toby Rodwell.

Creator’s Statement: I would describe this edit as my love letter to visceral horror cinema. There is little in the way of a cohesive narrative or message – I certainly did not intend one. My aim was to absorb you into these dark, depraved sensations and images. These sorts of visceral vignettes are like dreams – or in this case nightmares – and I deem them worth exploring for their own sake. Somehow, as I was piecing the clips together, they seemingly of their own accord fell into place, and on-time with the musical beats. I have no clue how this happened, but it felt like the video was editing itself in many stages. Perhaps this speaks to an underlying common ground within horror cinema, despite the films featured ranging from Only God Forgives, to Angst, to Tetsuo: The Iron Man. So, while I did not intend a narrative, maybe you can find one. There is certainly a pattern of men attacking women with the overarching presence of a hypnotic supernatural force. I do not exactly know what this means, do you? 

Content warning: Contains gruesome imagery

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